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Introductory Overview

Video 1: Introductory Overview - Projects and Project Details Page (link)


Shows an overview of the “Projects Page”

What you can use to search for projects

Overview of the “Project Details Page” and the new features on the way


Finance Contact

Video 2: Finance Contact – Claims Process (link)


View of the “Claims Page” – shows open and closed claims

How to edit a claim – which is broken down by cost category

How to edit cost categories, upload supporting documentation related to a cost category and how to add additional information

View of the “Claims Documents Page” and where to upload documents related to the claim as a whole/overall

How to update and complete “Forecasts”

Explanation of the forecast section seen on the projects page and the differences it has with the forecasts section in claims

View and explanation of the “Claims Summary Page”, which shows a summary of the costs to be claimed, claim documents, forecasts and add comments section

When you submit a claim, it becomes a claim you can now view

What you see when you click in to review a claim

Status and comments log


Project Manager

Video 3: Project Manager – Forecasts Tile (link)


What the Project Manager sees in “Forecasts” – they can see both their forecasts and the collaborators forecasts


 Video 4: Project Manager – Project Change Requests (link)


How a Project Manager can submit a “Project Change Request” – you can only have one project change request live/in draft at one time

How to start a new project change request

The 8 project change request options

How to complete a project change request to reallocate project costs and change the project’s duration

View of the “Project Change Request” summary screen – called the “Request Page

How to reallocate project costs

How to move costs between cost categories for a single partner

How we can move costs from one partner to another

How to fill in and what to fill in for the “Grant value moving over the financial year end” box

How to change the project duration – i.e., how many months you want to extend the project by

Where the Project Manager would provide reasoning and an explanation to Innovate UK for why they want these changes to occur

Where to upload documents to support a project change request

Where the Project Manager can add comments that the Monitoring Officer will see

Video 5: Project Manager – Claims (link)


What a Project Manager sees on a claim


Monitoring Officer

Video 6: Monitoring Officer – Project Overview Page (link)


What the Monitoring Officer sees on the “Project Overview Page” – they have 2 extra tabs “Monitoring Reports” and “Documents”

Video 7: Monitoring Officer – Claims (link)


Monitoring Officers can view draft claims, forecasts and evidence

Monitoring Officers can review submitted claims

How to review cost category claims, the supporting documentation and comments for those cost categories

How to view the submitted forecasts

View of the status and comments log

How to view uploaded documents supporting the claim as a whole

The 2 options on how to process the claim – “Query claim” and “Submit for approval”

Where you will see the status change to “Submitted to Innovate UK” and “Payment being processed”


Video 8: Monitoring Officer – Project Change Requests (link)


What the Monitoring Officer can see when they click into “Project Change Requests”

If there is a draft project change request, the monitoring officer can only view it

If there has been a project change request submitted, the monitoring officer can review it

How to see the changes that have been made to the reallocated costs – the MO can’t change these, but they can see the changes, summaries and supporting documentation

How to view the requested changes for the project duration and the reasoning provided

Outline of the 2 process options – “Query the request” and “Send for approval”

Explanation of the “Status and comments log”

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